Having A Fig-Leaf Moment

Gas DevilI have very little idea about how to write up this week’s Bible Study – because we went so far off-piste that we barely made it back again.  Combine this with a lack of time, and you’ll understand why this update is so short.  Below are some of the questions which were asked during the evening and, where appropriate, links to pages which may help to answer them.

Simon did an excellent job in leading us through the Bible study which was based loosely on the film Monsters, Inc. and dealt with issues of fear, deception and truth.  We started by looking at the following readings, before moving onto the less focused questions:

The questions in no particular order:

If I’ve missed any of the questions and you’re still wanting answer, let’s keep the discussion going in the comments.

And Finally

For those who remember the Amicus fascination with LineRider, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s finally come of age (or perhaps ‘sold out’).  McDonalds have used it to create one of their adverts.

Next week: Not sure yet – sorry, but I have essays leaking out of my ears and little other capacity to think.  Perhaps this…


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