Cranberry Sauce & Piccalilli

There’s been a sense of deja-vu at Amicus recently, and this week repeated the recent photo scavenger hunt but with a slight twist.  Instead of each team having the same list of items to represent in photographs, they each had to define a list for another team.  I only have one set of photos from the evening but it should give you a sense of the nature of items which were selected.  The lists included some easy and some frankly bizarre items:

  • Blind man who has lost his dog
  • Ring of Fire
  • Owls
  • Stretch Armstrong
  • Chicken Liver Pate
  • UFO
  • Black Cab
  • Sheep
  • Time
  • “Can we eat this?”
  • Monkey
  • Bible Story
  • Secret Place

Late Update: After the scavenger hunt we miraculously beat our Volleyball Keppy Uppy record with a new high of 59!

Lost Property: we don’t often have lots of items of lost property left behind after Amicus, but this week there was a rift in the universe and everyone seemed to leave everything at once, from a Camp Consent Form (tut tut) and BB Gazette to a USB Remote Control thingy, and a pair of old trainers with a Parmesan tang.  Perhaps the oddest items, and still unclaimed, are an opened jar of Cranberry Sauce and one of Piccalilli.  If they are yours, please let me know.

Tree-Top Walk: on Monday night we’ll be joining with the Newport Pagnell Amicus group for the tree-top walk at Salcey Forest.  Meet at Water Eaton Church Centre at 7:20 and then we’ll be heading over to Lovat Hall then on to Salcey Forest.  Dress appropriately for the weather…

Next Week: it’s that time of year again where things are starting to wind down and we’ve almost reached the end of the Amicus session.  We’ll be celebrating in the same way we did last year with a bring-and-share buffet and console games (hopefully with the projector this time!).  Bring along some snacks & nibbles, drinks or cakes (homemade if possible).  We expect to be able to hand out Amicus Hoodies on the evening too.  Don’t forget that this will be the last opportunity for you to return your completed Camp Consent Form – also, please ensure you show the Camp letter to your parents.

Brute Force: On Saturday 19th July we will be honouring the promise we made at the Promise Auction to do a semi-skilled make-over on the Dungate’s garden.  We will start at 10:30 (not too early for a Saturday) and likely continue until about 4-5pm.  Lunch and refreshments provided by Lesley – we need to provide willing manpower.  The plan is that we will be involved in some cutting back, lopping, digging, pulling up and laying down.  I have no idea what those words mean, but I’m sure we’ll be able to work it out together.  Dress appropriately for the weather and activity and if you have any of the following equipment, please bring it with you:

  • fork, spade, trowel
  • shears, loppers, secateurs
  • stepladder

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