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The Drunken Monk

SingerFirstly a big welcome to an Amicus newcomer, Nick Bosdet, who joined us for the first time this week.  He is already known to Steph and Yolanda through School and to Ricky through Friday Frenzy at Whaddon Way, and we look forward to seeing him again and everyone getting to know him.

This evening we were sharing music tracks which have played a significant part in our lives, bring back key memories, or which we simply enjoyed listening to.  Each person brought along some form of music (CD, MP3, Phone, etc) and then shared why they selected it.  Some were funny, some poignant and some frankly bizarre and probably drug-induced.  Here’s the full song list, with links to see the lyrics and listen to the track:

  • Nick Lingard – Follow Me, Follow You – Genesis – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Sarah Dungate – Feels Like Home – Chantal Kreviazuk  – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Simon Bradley – Square One – Coldplay – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Nicci Horn – Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Nick Bosdet – Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Steph Dungate – Lost – Michael Bublé – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Yolanda Potter – Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab For Cutie – [lyrics] [listen]
  • Ricky Rew – Super Trouper – Camera Obscura – [lyrics] [listen]

If you weren’t able to make it but would like to share a track which means something to you or which you just really enjoy, drop us a note in the comments below.

Our devotions used the Coldplay song “Cemeteries of London” [lyrics] [listen] and reminded us of the need to take time to listen to God.  We often simply crack on with our busy lives, occasionally (if He’s lucky) pouring out our concerns to God – but it is pointless unless we make time to listen too.  Imagine your best friend only ever talking at you and never listening to what you have to say – nightmare!


We attempted a quick game of keepy-up volleyball but I don’t our hearts were in it.  Our highest score was a pretty good 42, but the rest were fairly pathetic.  We’ll keep practicing.

The more observant among you will have noticed the new option in the right column – the title What’s On and a picture of a calendar should give you a big clue as to what you’ll find when you click it (if anyone would like to create a better icon, I’m open to offers).  It will take you to a calendar which contains the Amicus programme and other Amicus-related goodies.  Click on an individual entry and it will popup the details of that week’s programme, including date, time and roughly what we’ll be doing, along with who is organising, who is assisting and who is leading devotions.  The hope/plan is that each week it will email a reminder to the list so we all know what we’re doing, when, and who is responsible.  Please don’t ignore these emails because it might be your turn to do something.  Take a moment to click through and see what part you’re playing in the programme.  If you have any questions you know where I am.

Thorpe Park Trip: On Sunday 19th October (note new date!) we will be joining Newport Pagnell Amicus on a trip to Thorpe Park.  Tickets can be pretty expensive, but if your family shop at Tesco and collect Clubcard Points then you’re in luck.  By exchanging just £8.25 in vouchers you will receive a token which will give you entry to Thorpe Park for the day.  There will probably also be a small charge for petrol.  We will need to confirm numbers next Wednesday, 1st October, so please consider whether you’d like to join us.  You need to exchange your vouchers soon in order for the tokens to arrive in time – if you have any problems or aren’t sure what to do look here, or ask.

In keeping with the theme for the evening, take a look at this funny-but-creepy version of Lionel Ritichie’s hit ‘Hello’ – only this one is entitled “Urinal Ritchie”:

Next Week: Legoland Adventure [details]

Acknowledgment: this week’s header image and embedded images courtesy of Jonny Baker.

Return of the ‘Love Dog’

Welcome back to a new session of Amicus.  The conversation was as random as ever – but it was still great to see everyone who made it (WAKE UP FLIC!).  Last session proved to be challenging and rewarding in equal measure, and I’m sure this one will be the same but perhaps for different reasons.  During the session we hope to find the answer to some of life’s biggest questions, like “just how can you keep your sandwiches safe from Matt Dungate?”.

This week we spent time catching up on everyone’s news and generally chatting, before heading into a planning session for the next couple of months.  Once I’ve jiggled everything into the appropriate slot I’ll let you know the programme – and what you’re each responsible for.  I’m also working on a super-smashing-great new whizzy online calendar which will remind you all of the programme on a week-by-week basis – as long as you check your email (James!).

After planning and cake eating (yeah, if you weren’t there you really missed out!) we shared our news from the Summer and looked forward to the future and offered our thanks and concerns to God in prayer.  This was followed by an energetic game of Unihoc, which looked like it would be very one-sided, but really wasn’t in the end.

Good luck to Sarah Putman who is heading off for her first year at Uni this weekend – and to Maddy and Nick Buttenshaw who are starting their second year.

Here’s a short video of a future Amicus activity, mentioned earlier by Simon.  This seems a little less messy than their Coke and Mentos idea.

For those who didn’t make it to the lavish BB Oscars event on Tuesday, you’ll get your awards in good time, but you can see the photos online.  Here are a phew to whet your appetite…

Next Week: Changing Tracks – bring along your favourite piece of music and be ready to explain its significance to you (Robert Dungate not welcome…)

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: