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Come on in and wipe your feet…

This week we were doing our best to “find humanity in Finding Nemo” as part of our Bible Study series.

Simon skilfully guided us through the much-loved film clips, and through a wide-ranging collection of Scriptures. There were a whole bunch of excellent discussions and questions, and we were all challenged during the course of the evening. One question in particular kept us busy for some time:

If you can work it out, it might make you think a whole different way about the title of this week’s update…

We were pleased to welcome Alex back into the Amicus fold and look forward to her continue attendance. Aside from the question above, even the discussions during the social time were diverse and a little odd, with a discussion between Nicci and Alex about ‘chickens having sex’ and trying to pass it off as a discussion about Chaucer. I don’t remember the context, but there was definitely mention of a ‘sexy goat’ at one point too. Of course it wouldn’t be right if I failed to report the following quotes – as ever, you need to be there to understand the context and humour:

“Beef tables!” – Nicci

“I have feathers and wings…” – Alex

To close the evening we spent some time in a prayer huddle sharing things to celebrate and items of concern, before closing in prayer and remembering each concern before God. Please continue to pray for the things we shared together as you go through the next week.

Reminder: annual membership fees are now due – please pay as soon as possible to avoid us sending round the heavies! Don’t forget – only those who have paid their membership fee will be allowed to order an Amicus Hoodie.

Next Week: will be another Film Evening at EasyRew Towers (Ricky & Tracy’s) – bring along your DVDs and we’ll provide the refreshments. If transport is a problem, let us know with enough notice and we’ll sort it out for you.

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: