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I Have Cookies; Yummy Cookies

Partly inspired by the video we made for the Promise Auction, this week’s activity was “Filming – Part One” – generating ideas for our next video project. Without giving too much away, we watched a few music videos, some comedy sketches, some random YouTube videos and brainstormed a few ideas. We’ve settled on the big idea for our next video, now all we have to do is execute it. We’ll make a start in two week’s time, but may need a couple more sessions.  Sorry – but we can’t share much more than that for now.  Instead, here’s a video to keep you going:

For devotions we contrasted the following two articles.  Please take a moment to read and consider them both:

Don’t forget to take a look at the update from our trip to Thorpe Park at the weekend.

Half Term Treats

Ikea Breakfast – we will be meeting at Ikea on Monday at 9:30am for breakfast (just 95p) and fellowship (free!).  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll text you a reminder on Sunday night.  Also, let me know by Sunday lunchtime if you need a lift…

Promise Auction Gardening – following the Ikea Breakfast we’ll be heading to Lynn Gibb’s house to do a couple of hours work on her garden for the additional Promise Auction lot.

Next Week: Take on the Take-Away


A True Underdog Story

This week we had uninterrupted access to the Youth Hall and made the most of it. Advertised as a “sporting frenzy”, we weren’t let down. Due to a slow start the lads entered into a game of “Headers and Volleys”, a game which was once the main focus of BB activity for Seniors, but simply managed to confuse Steph and Nick tonight. Then we switched to the more sedate option of French Cricket, which seemed to move much quicker than normal but we still barely broke a sweat. After a while, and much to Nick’s displeasure, we turned to Unihoc for a bit of frantic exercise and it didn’t disappoint. The teams were picked fairly by David and Andrew (who joined us for the evening as their D of E group doesn’t meet during the end of term break) but the game was a little one-sided. After a good long session we broke for refreshments and a rest.

We resumed the session with the same teams, except for one tactical substitution, but before long the losing team got frustrated and a little disheartened. We shuffled the players around before starting again from scratch – this time the game was much more even. Perhaps a little too well-matched as there was only one goal scored in about 20 minutes, but an enjoyable game anyway. DodgeballThen we had a complete change and tried to play dodgeball by following the rules which feature in the film of the same name (rather than the Junior Section favourite). It took a couple of attempts before we got the rules right, but we persevered, even in the face of enthusiastic debate. If you’re interested, you can play Dodgeball online here. On a not-quite-related note, check out the FaceBall phenomenon. Either watch the short video introductions below, read “A FaceBall Primer for the Memory Deficient“, or take a quick look at a couple of photos of how the game is played. It definitely looks like a possible future Amicus activity.

Ikea BreakfastDespite discussing it with as many people as possible, and a reminder on the website last week, the Ikea breakfast wasn’t very well supported. Obviously a number of people of people have excuses because they are at work – but the rest of you… Despite there only being three of us this time, we had a great time. The breakfast was as good as ever, and a bargain, and we chatted about a whole range of things, none of which we’ll share. You’ll have to come along next time…

Click to enlarge...

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally managed to get round to writing the “start of session” letter. Yes I know it’s a few months late, but it’s done now. You can download it here, and it will also be emailed to all current Amicus members. It also includes the order form for the all new Amicus Hoodies which are available at the bargain price of just £20 (click the picture to the right to see the design). If you would like to purchase one please complete the form and hand it to an Amicus leader by Friday, 2nd May at the latest.

Next Week: Simon will be leading us in part two of our Bible Study series {see prequel and part one}

Sweaty Hugs All Round

After a short time to recover from the events of the weekend, we spent most of our time this week reviewing the success of the Promise Auction. We celebrated what we did well, and discussed what we didn’t do so well and suggested improvements ready to make next year’s event even better (oh yes, expect another!). A full report of the Promise Auction is now online for your enjoyment. Our highlights included Steph and James performing their duet, and the final total of £1200!

Random quote of the evening:

I go to sleep listening to Harry Potter – because I’m cool” – Sarah Putman

There wasn’t much else to report really as we didn’t even attempt to beat our current Volleyball Keepy Uppy record – preferring instead a mad, seemingly chocolate-fulled game of Unihoc. One or two people had to be warned about their over exuberant activity, and one person bowed out early after a particularly “enthusiastic” swipe (hope the bruises aren’t too bad Steph!).

Did any of you get caught out by any April Fools jokes this year? I know someone who was fooled by both the Flying Penguins and the Ice-Skating Greyhounds – yes it was early in the morning, but there’s really no excuse Tracy. And what about this prank – do you think the Cope’s would’ve been fooled by Laura‘s attempt? If you’re interested or looking for ideas for next year, find out what everyone else got up to this year.

The following all happened on April 1st:

  • 1891 – Wrigley Company founded
  • 1929 – Yo-yo invented
  • 1976 – Apple Computers formed
  • 1999 – UK Government introduced the Minimum Wage
    • although, of course, there is a special lower rate for young people (18-21) and a further lower rate for under 18s, making the use of the word “minimum” redundant and pointless
  • 2004 – Google launched Gmail

The evening ended with sweaty hugs all round as we said goodbye to another batch of Uni bods, and those who are off to Spring Harvest.

Next Week: as there are lots of people away at Spring Harvest next week we decided that the small group which is left will go Ten Pin Bowling at Mega Bowl. Please make sure you let me know by Sunday night if you’re coming and I’ll book a lane or two and organise transport.

End of Term Breakfast: Ikea – Tuesday 15th April – 9:30am – let me know if you need a lift.

Dainty Little Freak

Cookies! Yum!After a short time catching up on each other’s news from the past week, we spent the majority of the evening making progress on the Promise Auction planning and eating way too many cookies! Yum! The Promise Auction is coming together well, with the catalogue of lots pretty much sorted (just need to bash out the details on some lots) and we’re making a start on publicity.

As ever at Amicus, the evening was punctuated with lots of strangeness. The first of which was these two videos – it’s amazing what you can find on YouTube – simply bizarre:

Obviously this week is a very romantic week – so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t make mention of Valentine’s Day. Especially for Flic and Morgan ;o)

Be Mine...

Talking of romance, in a further strange diversion, we also watched a clip from the BBC’s excellent “Life in Cold Blood” series. The clip in question features the excellent Waving Frogs – but you’ll have to watch the video yourself to work out the tenuous connection to romance.

Next week it’s half term – yay! And in honour of this fact we’re off to Ikea on Tuesday morning for a 95p breakfast! After breakfast we’ll chill out a bit together, have a laugh, and then wander through the store and visit the marketplace. Meet us outside at 9:25 – or make contact if you need a lift and we’ll see what we can do.