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Our Magnum Opus

Not much to report about tonight’s session, except that we made some great progress on our stop motion animation production. Another two scenes are in the can, and we just need another week to complete filming before we move on to sound and editing. There will be an exclusive premiere event for the completed film, so we can’t give you another sneak preview, but we can reveal some secret behind the scenes footage. As one team were filming, James was working away building and preparing for the next, and we took some sneaky pictures of him and put them together in a five frame film – stop motion animation using a human:

Perpetual Lego Playing

There are a few more behind the scenes photos available in the gallery for your viewing pleasure, including details of the technical set-up we’re using to create the film (which includes Graham’s butt) and an excellent representation of Yvonne Lingard. And whilst we’re on the subject of crutches (oooeer missus) here’s something for Yvonne Lingard and John Ball to aspire to:

The evening featured lots of in-jokes which cannot be shared, and this carried on into the car park after the session too. It started out as a joke, but at the end of the evening Flic and Steph made tea and coffee for everyone – sweeeeeet – literally!

Promise Auction Launch

Sample PosterLast Sunday during the Parade Service we launched our fundraising initiative – the Promise Auction – and tonight sees the online launch. Please click through to the Promise Auction page and take a look at what we have planned so far, view tha catalogue of bids so far, find out how the auction will work, see how you can get involved, and take a sneaky peak at the design of the publicity material. Don’t forget that we’re expecting every Amicus member to contribute a promise (individually or with others) so get your thinking caps on and your creative juices flowing – especially you Nick Jones ;o)

“Go after God, who piles on all the riches we could ever manage – do good, be rich in helping others, be extravagantly generous.” – 1 Timothy 6:18

Amicus Promise Auction

Next week: Stop Motion Part Three & Promise Auction Planning

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: