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Unexpected Trouser Malfunction

Tonight we completed the pre-production work on our stop-motion animation project. Now Simon has the post-production stage to complete before the exclusive film premiere at the Promise Auction at the end of March. Speaking of which, we also completed some further planning for the fundraising event. We reviewed the promises we’ve been offered so far (it’s not too late to make a promise), considered some of the practicalities of the event, discussed publicity strategies, and much more. We’re really excited by the response we have had so far and are keen to whip up even more enthusiasm in the coming weeks.

It felt a bit different this week – whilst we were being productive there was a greater sense of fellowship from the beginning, and with deeper conversations than usual. We continued the fellowship by with a prayer huddle – long overdue. We each shared how life is going, what we’re grateful for and what we’d like to have prayer for. It was great to hear a little more about everyone’s circumstances than we normally would – and we closed with a time of prayer together.

During the evening we made a bit of a return to our old Amicus ways by collecting a few out-of-context quotes for the enjoyment of others:

“I want to be paired-up with Ricky” – Steph

“No tongue Simon!” – Ricky

“I’d kill for her skin” – Flic

Elusive Ping-Pong Ball [animated]We ended the evening with a few games of Table Tennis – with varying degrees of success. The picture on the right shows Flic’s eternal attempt to hit the elusive ping-pong ball. Keep going Flic, you’ll get there eventually! [if the picture isn’t animated, click it to see it in its full glory]

Next Week: We’ll be upholding a now long-standing Amicus tradition and making pancakes a day late. Please bring along your favourite filling – and perhaps something a little more adventurous to try too.

Call For Action: We had a quick discussion tonight about Lent and what people will be giving up. Someone suggested that Ricky should give up wearing Threadless T-shirts for Lent – but he doesn’t think it’s possible. In the comment section please let us know what you’re giving up for Lent this year…

Volleyball Keepy-Uppy Record: